Friday, August 20, 2010

"American Cop" magazine

     I started getting this magazine by accident. When I got the first issue at work, I thought it was promotional. Then they kept coming. My best guess is that the subscription to American Handgunner (same publisher) that I never received got somehow bungled up.
     In any case let me make this clear from the outset: I am not a law enforcement officer. I have the utmost respect for the profession, but my law enforcement experience generally consists of being pulled over for speeding. (Note: if you keep a gun in your glove compartment, keep your registration and proof of insurance elsewhere. Otherwise awkward moments may occur that involve the phrase, "How would you like to proceed, Officer?")

     The format is the same as Handgunner, but more importantly, the editorial attitude is there, and then some. Practical, street-level, no BS articles and advice from cops for cops. Again, not being an LEO, I could not directly relate to most of it, but it gave me a much greater insight and even more respect toward one of the most underpaid, underappreciated, high-stress, low-reward jobs ever created. And I used to be a public school teacher.

     Gear reviews (guns! gadgets! computers! more guns!), dealing with administrative bullshit (not trying to be crude - the magazine has a tendency to call bullshit, well, bullshit), coping with stress, techniques for survival on the street, etc. Really interesting stuff. I can only imagine how cool all this would be if you actually were a cop.

     So check out American Cop . And to MattG , Lawdog , and all the other dedicated men and women of law enforcement out there, Thank You.

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