Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In the News...

     A few nights ago, Wife and I are watching the evening news, and coverage of the immigration debate was on. The talking head was talking, and they were showing footage of the demonstrators carrying their signs and chanting, etc...
   Then one of the signs broke through my protective anti-news fog and brought me to attention. DVR remote: rewind, pause. Stare. Blink.
    I have no recorded image to back me up, but I swear upon all that's holy, the sign said - and I quote:

                                 "ILLEGAL IS NOT A CRIME"


     Regardless of your views on the actual issue under debate, this represents such a perfect, clean failure of logic in favor of politics as to numb the mind. And I have no doubt that the person who composed, constructed and carried that sign did so with no sense of sarcasm, humor or irony.

     I can only laugh, or cry. And if my wife didn't have this thing for Shepard Smith, I'd be watching Mythbusters.    



  1. You sent me a comment the other day and I hit the wrong button. Sorry.

    All is well, thought I'm on the road a lot this month, work, training, a lecture to some folks. I'll be glad to just pack up a bag and go to the range one of these Saturday's.

    Hope you and your bride are well.

  2. Thanks, Brigid.
    Be safe on the road, and I hope you do get some range time in as well.

    In one of your earlier comments you asked for my email so that you could impart some wisdom my way. Did I goof up the email address or have you simply not had time? The former can be corrected, the latter is more than understandable under the circumstances.

    Either way, thanks for stopping by.


  3. I'm not a lawyer, but I think that summary offenses are illegal, yet not crimes.

    I don't know if the immigration laws are crimes, summary offenses, or a mixed assortment.

    I doubt that the author had intended to make that point.


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