Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why "Political Science" is an oxymoron.

- Because you cannot derive facts from an accumulation of opinions.


  1. You're linked. LOVE the layout. I have to admit, for a while I thought you were a former DOD friend of mine who wrote under Rick O'Shea.
    But he was a bachelor. You're not. Lucky woman.

    Best of luck with the blogging. Your comments over the last two years have revealed a keen intellect and wit. I hope you share that with everyone.

  2. Thanks for the link and the kind words.
    I can only hope to rise to level of the august company I have listed.

    As to the layout, thanks! But I have one concern: the lovely centerpiece pic of the astoundingly engraved Smith is one I got from "somewhere on the internet" some years back.
    I have no interest in being the Major Caudill to someone's Marko, but I have no way to attribute the photo or otherwise ask permission of the photographer/gun owner.
    Leave it be and see if someone contacts me? I want to do the right thing here.

  3. Of all the Arts, Politics needs to be the Most Important.


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