Thursday, September 16, 2010

Made to Order

     When the Grandson was born, we naturally wanted to go bonkers getting stuff for him. Daughter said that toys were on hold for now (something about turning her home into Plasticville), but that books, clothes and college tuition would always be welcome.
     As a result, he has a fine wardrobe, and will be reading Dr. Seuss and Little Golden Books well into his teens. Still working on that college thing.
     The other day, an idea for a clothing item occurred to me: since he was (however inadvertantly) named for the Army's chosen .50 caliber disciplinary device, I thought I'd check out their storefront.
     Lo and behold, Barrett Rifles makes infant onesies with their logo. In digital camo, of course:

          And since right now his weapon of choice seems to be a sudden, overwhelming deployment of toxic waste, I thought I'd better get two.


  1. Thanks.

    Mom and Dad are cool, and should enjoy the humor of it all.

    I'm just having fun...

  2. That's awesome. I'll be sure to keep this onesie in mind if my brother and sister-in-law start having kids. :)

    Also, great on all of the family members who're sending the little guy books. Reading is one of my very-favorite pastimes and I'm proof that starting it as early as possible by reading to the little'uns catches their interest and can hook 'em for life.

  3. Sarah,
    His folks read to him now out of "real" books, and we got him a Dr. Seuss cloth book.
    It has about six or so puffy pages, and each page has something like a rattle or squeaky-button on it. Since it's cloth he can throw it or chew on it, and won't hurt the book or himself.
    When the time comes, he'll know what a "book" is, and think they're fun.
    Ain't modern life grand?

    Thanks for stopping by,


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