Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So there I was...

...watching President Obama on "Mythbusters."

     "Mr. President, we've changed our mind about the Archimedes thing. Just climb up here with Kari. Yes, sir, right there."
     "Now what we have here, sir, is a Dillon Aero vehicle-mounted minigun, and about a million or so rounds of ammo. We decided that that little tree in the other episode wasn't much of a challenge, and we want to see how many of these telephone poles you can take down in 15 minutes."

(15 minutes later...)

     "Sir, are you OK?"
     "Yees, whaasa madda wis my moooth?"
     "Oh. That's just what we call a shit-eating grin, sir. It'll come back down from your ears in a minute. Fun, wasn't it?"
     "So do you understand now, Mr. President?"
     "About shooting. I mean, self-defense is obviously a basic human right, right?"
     "Well, yeah..."
     "And hunting is simply part of who we are as a natural biological entity, right?"
     "Uh, OK."
     "But you understand now that sometimes shooting guns is just all about shits and giggles, right?"
     "You know what, you are right! I've been so foolish! Let's have free access to firearms at the Federal level!"
     "We already have that, sir, it's called the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights."
     "Oh, yeah. Well, CCW for everyone, no more bans on meaningless gun parts, and no more restrictions on suppressors and full auto. In fact, get these Dillon people on the phone - I got to get me one of these!"

...and then I woke up.



  1. I like it. Here's an even better dream...We elect a president who is so pro-second amendment that he challenges his Secret Service Agents to a weekly shooting contest and fires anyone who can't out shoot him. Let's see who tries to take a shot at the president then. How cool would it be for someone like John Hinkley, Jr. to get totally nailed in the middle of the forehead BY OUR OWN PRESIDENT carrying his own custom 1911? Can't you see the SS guy in mirrored shades, gun at the ready, leaning over the body, looking at the smoking hole and saying something like "What? No double tap Mr. President?" I'd vote for that guy.

  2. Oh, yeah.

    In fact, sounds a little like Teddy Roosevelt...

  3. How well I remember you getting a .22 rifle those long years ago when you thought my attraction to firearms was looney. And, for the record, they didn't make enough Moisin Nagants.


  4. I also remember the .22 rifle. It always stood in the same corner in the house. I also seem to recall that you didn't want to shoot the watermelons that were still on the vine because they were still alive. You would only shoot the ones that had fallen off the vine. :)



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