Friday, November 19, 2010

Test Post from Kindle

New Kindle.
Seeing if I can post reasonably well from this device over a 3G connection.

(From computer): Well, ain't that nifty...
Awkward, but possible. My world expands a little.


  1. How do you like the Kindle? My 10 year old wants either a Kindle or Nook for Christmas and I'm not sure which one to get her.

  2. I really like it so far. The whole e-reader thing was kind of an impulse, and I honestly thought I would prefer the Nook (no proprietary formats, ePub support, nifty little touchscreen, etc...).

    When I did a physical head-to-head at Best Buy, the latest generation Kindle blew the Nook away in screen quality, responsiveness, intuitive use and general build quality. The Nook touchscreen in particular was a slow, non-intuitive disappointment.

    As far as the format issue, that was resolved by a nifty bit of software called Calibre, which not only manages your e-books, but can convert formats. One caveat: it won't convert formats with DRM, and stripping the DRM involves third-party software, and a willingness to run illegal hack scripts on your computer. Since I buy almost all of my new books, CD's and videos from Amazon anyway, this really wasn't an issue.

    Of course the first thing I did was download every free classic book on Amazon. The odds of me actually sitting down to read "War and Peace" are slim, but, hey, I've got it.

    As far as your daughter, let her see for herself which one she prefers. The hands-on experience made a difference to me, and she might prefer the touchscreen to the keyboard (I also wanted the keyboard to try out the rudimentary web browser). If you have a Barnes and Noble store nearby, then you get automatic coupons sent to your Nook when you bring it into the store. And, if she plans on using it to check out e-books from the library, then the Nook would be the better choice, as it handles the standard ePub format.
    Finally, if you don't have ready access to Wi-Fi (as I don't), then spring for the 3G version of either model. There are no persistent data fees, and you get pretty much guaranteed connectivity wherever you are.

    Good luck, and have fun shopping,

  3. Thanks for the info! I'm going to take your suggestion and have her try the different ones. If you can, post some of your continuing impressions as you get to know it. Again, thanks!


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