Thursday, December 16, 2010

...Not Dead Yet...

     A quick note on my absence:

     My schedule and routine has changed significantly. Computer time is limited to a brief period in the morning (like now). Personal use of the computers at work is iffy, even at lunch. No time at all between after work and bedtime. Weekends we've been out of town or crazy-busy getting ready for the Holidays.

     I still have things to say, and I still love you guys (awww...*sniff*). When I can, I'll try to toss up a quick post, and then work out a way to get some actual wordsmithing in.

     Watch this space...


  1. Life happens to us all brother. We'll still be here waiting.

  2. Thanks, K.E.
    Appreciate the vote of confidence.

  3. I'll keep stopping by. Glad all is well.


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