Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pattern of Behavior

     You have probably heard on the news that Julian Assange, the slimebucket responsible for the Wikileaks brouhaha, is being sought by Interpol on "unrelated charges" of rape and sexual molestation of two women in Sweden.

     Unrelated? I disagree.

     Sounds like this guy has a habit of screwing over the innocent for his own morally twisted needs, with a total disregard for the effect of his actions on others. A narcissistic sociopath of the highest order.

     And since he is responsible for embarrassing the likes of China, North Korea, Israel and various Middle Eastern countries, probably a dead man walking.

     For myself, all it would take is to be one of those women's fathers.


  1. I didn't know that he leaked information harmful or embarrassing to Israel. He's screwed.

  2. As I understand it, (and this is according to the "news"), supposedly private conversations and communications between the U.S., Israel and several Arab states regarding Iran's current regime and nuclear ambitions were leaked.

    Obviously, what was said in private did not correspond to the various government's public positions.

    In particular, the majority of the Arabs sided with Israel in considering Ahmadinejad a major nutcase and a danger to the stability of the whole region.

    To Israel's credit, their public and private opinions were fairly consistent and straightforward; they just didn't appreciate their smoke-filled room conversations being published.

  3. Thing is, whether or not he's a terrible person...assassinating him won't help. He's made it known that he hasn't released all the data, and it's pretty likely that he has a set-up somewhere so that if he doesn't log in to a specific computer at least once a day, all sorts of new stuff will start getting published - the stuff he's been holding back as a "just in case".

    But even supposing he doesn't have such measures in place ( not a good thing to assume, because it assumes he's profoundly stupid), if someone does assassinate him while he's being detained? Won't help. It'll just make him a martyr.

  4. Right now he's running across the road like the frog did in that Frogger game we played as kids.

    Just a matter of time before he gets squashed.


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