Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend at the Lake

     We met the kids and Mr. Grandbaby down at the lake this weekend. They were interested in continuing the paint job in the living room, and our function was to play with the baby while they worked.

     Tough deal, I know.
     Actually, he had finished up his first week of "school", and had a pretty good case of Day Care Rhinitis.

     But I learned a couple of things:

     - Even a sniffly, fussy grandbaby is an almost instant cure for depression. I still don't have any solid job prospects, but I feel better going into this week than I have in a while. Thanks, little buddy.

     - Pusser's Rum and Diet Mountain Dew are an abomination not only to the quality of the rum, but as a combined flavor. (Don't look at me that way, this was my daughter's idea.) I will say though, that after the first one, the drink takes on an oddly intriguing attraction.

     It's Sunday, we're home, and I have the first signs of a cough coming on, a slight rum headache, and a big, peaceful smile on my face.

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